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I'm Crews, a growth-focused graphic designer based in Northwest Ohio. I've been studying graphic design for over eight years, and I'm committed to making your company look and feel the best it can be.

Previously, I've worked as an on-staff graphic designer for several companies and have over four years of experience as a freelancer. IĀ admire the day-to-day problem-solving lifestyle of a graphic designer, and that's how I've been able to serve people best with my talents.

Some of my hobbies include reading Ryan Holiday's latest book, enjoying Retro FPSĀ games by New Blood Interactive, and occasionally going out and taking photographs of the beautiful world around us.

I'm always excited to meet new people and hear their story. You can always connect with me by filling out the contact form below, or heading over to my Instagram and following me there!

One day I'll learn how to smile properly...

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